Due to the current issues with the Coronavirus Pandemic our schedule is uncertain. Each church is making the decision about how, when and if they will proceed with services. When we have a definite cancellation, it will be noted on our itinerary. Please call ahead before traveling long distances. MR

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Over the years, this has been one of our best loved songs, yet I have only sung it once, live!

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"One More Night With The Frogs!"

March 2020 Update

Dear Friends, 

We are excited about seeing the days get longer and the grass ( in some places!) begin to turn green again. We are ready for Spring and all that comes along with it. 

Our meetings along the west coast in January went very well. It was good to be back at Bible Baptist Church in Puyallup, and then on to Majesty Baptist Church in Vancouver, WA for our first full length revival meeting of 2020. Pastor Drew Jonke has only been the senior pastor at Majesty for a short while, but he is doing a great job and it will be exciting to see how God blesses there in the future.

We worked our way down the coast to Vallejo, CA and had a great meeting at Bible Baptist Church before going even further south to Corona, CA. It was a blessing to be part of the West Coast Bible Believer’s Conference at Grace Baptist Church. Pastor Tim Shanks is always a gracious host and we really enjoy the opportunity to be part of a meeting where we get to hear from other men of God. It was a wonderful way to get “re-charged”. 

After the conference in Corona we went over to Lighthouse Baptist in LaVerne, CA to sing and preach for their Thursday night service. It had been several years since we were at Lighthouse. We had a great service and a good time of getting reacquainted with friends. 

On our way back across the country we stopped in Mesa, AZ on Sunday and preached at East Mesa Baptist Church. Pastor Hughes and the people at East Mesa have been good friends and faithful supporters of our ministry for many years and we always look forward to being with them. 

We finally made it back to our home in Kentucky. Hope and David were able to take part in the annual “Purity Banquet” at Faith Baptist Church. 

The next weekend we went down to Trinity Baptist in Oxford, AL and sang and preached for their Valentine Banquet on Saturday night and then all day on Sunday. We had never been to Trinity Baptist before, but we had a great time and made some new friends. 

Many of you have asked about my mother. Her dementia is progressing, but she is in reasonably good health and still in good spirits. I flew to Alaska and was able to spend several days with her. We had a wonderful time of reminiscing and just sitting together and enjoying each other’s company. I was also able to get several good conversations with her recorded on my phone, praise the Lord! 

While I was in Alaska I preached at Immanuel Baptist Church in Kenai, and at our home church, Bible Baptist, in Fairbanks. It was a whirlwind trip and physically exhausting, but I’m so glad I was able to do it. 

The first week of March we were in Plymouth, IN for a revival meeting at Grace Baptist Church. The Lord moved in hearts that week and we pray that there will be eternal results from the time spent there in the Word of God. While we were in Plymouth, Pastor Elliott took us over to the "Sweetwater Sound” store in Fort Wayne. Hope bought a new guitar and David bought a new “U-Bass”, so we’re excited about how they are going to be able to use them in the ministry. 

As I am writing today, we are in Millbrook, AL at Victory Baptist Church. The meeting this week is a Missions Conference and the Lord is really working in the hearts of the people. We are truly honored to be able to sing and preach the Word of God and to see it do it’s work in those who hear. What a mighty God we serve! 

Our Fifth Wheel is in the shop, having our blowout damage from last year repaired. Please pray that they will get everything done so that we can start using it again the first week of April. 

We are looking forward to a very busy schedule in the months to come, so there is a good chance we will be somewhere in your area. If you are able, we would love for you to come see us when we are nearby. 

Keep an eye on our website (www.mrogers.com) where we have our itinerary listed and we put up free downloads every couple of weeks. You can also sign up for our email list on the website and you will get occasional updates and notifications of special events. 

Thank you for your faithful prayer support, you are much appreciated! 

God bless you, 

Mark, Liz, Hope and David Rogers

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