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Spring 2022 Update



Dear praying friends, 

This has already been quite a year with many blessings and a few challenges along the way, but we’ve seen again that the Lord is always good! 

We started off 2022 in Washington, then went on to Idaho, California, and Arizona. While we were in revival at Bible Baptist Church in Vallejo, California, the catalytic convertor was stolen off of our Ford Excursion, right in the hotel parking lot! The Lord lead us to a repair shop that could fix it the next day and we were able to keep everything right on schedule. The Lord is Good! 

In February we were in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Missouri. When we got to Indiana, our Excursion was so loud we could barely hear ourselves. My first thought was that our catalytic convertor was stolen again, but it was just a plug on the top that had worked itself out. We found a mechanic that repaired it free, and we were on our way again. The Lord is good! 

March was a busy month in Alabama, Tennessee, Ohio, and Michigan, but we had great meetings with very good crowds and many decisions for the Lord. The Lord is good! 

Late on the night of Friday, April 1st, I was awakened out of a deep sleep to get a phone call from my sister, letting me know that my mother had gone to Heaven. Many of you have prayed for Mom, and some of you have even had the opportunity to meet her, as she travelled with us to a few meetings, when she was able. 

Mom trusted Jesus Christ as her Saviour when she was a young girl, and did her best to serve him throughout the remainder of her life. After facing the struggles of dementia for the last several years, she went to sleep peacefully and awakened in the presence of Jesus, whole and well. The Lord is good! 

We were able to fly to Alaska and preach and sing for her homegoing service. We had a wonderful celebration of her life and of her positive impact on the lives of so many others. The Gospel went out clearly multiple times that day, and we trust that it will do it’s work in the hearts of those who were able to attend. 

When we got back from Alaska, we went straight to our next revival meetings in North Carolina, Alabama, and Ohio. 

It is always a whirlwind of activity, but we are honored to be able to serve the Lord together as a family. The Lord is good! 

Hope will be graduating on May 20th, and the kind folks at Faith Baptist Church and Academy in Franklin, Kentucky, (next door to our house) are allowing her to be a part of their graduation celebration. Please pray for Hope as she begins a new phase of her life. She is planning to attend Bible College in the Fall, so we will have to adjust to more change, but he Lord is good! 

Our newest recording will be out soon, with some great songs that we know will bless and encourage you. 

Thank you for your faithful prayers!! 

God bless you, 

Mark, Liz, Hope, & David Rogers



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