Due to the current issues with the Coronavirus Pandemic our schedule is uncertain. Each church is making the decision about how, when and if they will proceed with services. When we have a definite cancellation, it will be noted on our itinerary. Please call ahead before traveling long distances. MR

This is one of our most requested songs, sung in August at our home church in Fairbanks, Alaska. Enjoy!

"Mercy Came Running"

August 2020 Update

Dear Friends, 

I have delayed writing this update letter for a long time. Our last update was in March, and of course, shortly after that update went out, our country was shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I was hoping to write to you after things got back to “normal,” but now we’re not sure when that is going to happen! 

It has certainly been unusual and interesting to see how the Lord has worked in the last several months 

I had taken our fifth wheel in for repairs the first week of March, but when everything shut down, they were not able to get the parts needed to make the repairs. We finally got word last week that theDD parts have come in, so it looks like we will get it back sometime the first part of September. Thank you for praying about that with us. 

As you know, we keep a full schedule of meetings year-round, and we spend very little time at our home in Kentucky. Well, that all changed drastically at the end of March! We were at the house for about twelve weeks altogether, venturing out for only a couple of “drive-in” meetings during that time. 

It was a good time of rest for us, as well as an opportunity to explore different means of accomplishing what God has called us to do. We had not done online revivals or “zoom” services before, but now we can say that we have! It is not the way we would have chosen to minister, but from all accounts, it was used by God to be a blessing to people we were not able to be with in person. 

We also used the time to learn some new songs, as well as some new arrangements of old favorites that will be available very soon, both as digital downloads and physical CD’s. 

By the middle of June we were back on the road, with our schedule almost back on track. We had meetings in Virginia, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Idaho. It has been encouraging to be back to having “in-person” services, and the people have been excited to be back together. Some with health issues have still been unable to attend, and others are concerned for family members, but on the whole, attendance has been very good, and the spirit of the people is great. 

We flew to Alaska at the end of July, and the kids were able to take part in VBT at our home church, Bible Baptist in Fairbanks. We had tremendous services there, and we were reminded of how blessed we are to be a part of Bible Baptist. 

Our tour of Alaska took us to Delta Junction, Valdez, Kenai, Chugiak, and then back to Fairbanks. 

While we were in Kenai, we got to visit with my Mother every day. She is in assisted living now, but we spent time with her every day, visiting through the window. It certainly was not the ideal situation, but praise the Lord, we got to spend time with her. We put a video clip of us singing through the window with her on our ministry Facebook page. 

As I’m writing today, we are in a revival meeting in Missoula, Montana, and enjoying the blessings of God. 

We have learned over the last few months that, even when we can’t do things the way we would, like, our God is not bound by the restrictions that are put on us, and He is still at work, saving souls and changing lives! 

Thank you for praying for us; we look forward to seeing many of you in the days to come. 

God bless you, 

Mark, Liz, Hope & David Rogers

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