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July 2017 – February 2018

Dear Praying Friends,

Happy 2018! My husband has very bravely allowed me to write this update letter. As we enter the new year, it’s hard to wrap my mind around how swiftly time passes. We pray that you had a wonderful Christmas season celebrating the birth of the Saviour. We celebrated with my (Liz’s) family in Washington, and then Mark and Hope flew to Alaska to spend a bit of time with his mom. They had a wonderful visit, and though dementia is taking her memory, her spirit is good, and she was delighted to have them there.

We thank the Lord for His mercy and protection in our travels. On our trip west, we had a wheel bearing go out on the front driver’s side of the van. We had to cross four lanes of traffic with metal grinding on asphalt and finally came to a stop, just feet before a two-lane bridge. At the very least, we would have tied up traffic for hours. As it happened, our dear friends at Lee’s Summit Baptist Temple came to our rescue and provided us with a place to stay and transportation while we were waiting for the van repairs. How thankful we are to them for their love and care for us!

Because of the delay, we were unable to make it to Washington in time to preach on Sunday morning at Chinook Baptist Church in Pasco for Pastor Bill Miller, but we were there for the Sunday evening service and had a blessed time. The Sunday before Christmas, Mark preached at Riverview Baptist Church where I grew up. We even convinced my dad, my sister and my nephew to sing a song with us. It was the first time that we had all sung together and it was just such fun! I always look forward to being in Pasco with my family; there’s just something about going home.

Our next revival took us to Yakima, Washington with Pastor Dave Brown, who has been the faithful pastor at Bible Baptist Church for many years, since his father Pastor Dennis Brown went to heaven. I especially enjoy being in Yakima. As a little three-year-old girl, our family would attend special meetings there and Brother Dennis would have me recite Scripture while holding me at the pulpit. I couldn't have known then, that many years later, I would be standing on the same platform with my own family singing about the wonderful mercy of God. What a blessed life I have! Hope and David have been singing with us for several years now, but it is a joy to watch them grow and improve and enjoy singing the eternal truths of God’s Word.

After our meeting in Yakima, we said good-bye to PaPa Paisley in Pasco, and traveled to Vancouver, Washington to be with Pastor and Mrs. Virl Stalnaker at Majesty Baptist Church. The people there are so receptive to the preaching and it was a blessing to be with them. From Washington, we headed to Vallejo, California with Pastor Richard Scudder and Bible Baptist Church. Though we’ve been there many times, seeing their enthusiasm for the music and the preaching never gets old. They are always so gracious to our family and we’re grateful.

We left the Bay area of California and headed toward sunshine in Corona, California to be with Pastor Tim Shanks at Grace Baptist Church for their West Coast Bible Believer’s Conference. Our family is in a different church every single week of the year. We love the ministry to which the Lord has called us, but as one can imagine, there are times when the body and spirit are weary, and this conference is like an oasis. The preaching is exactly what we need to get refreshed and recharged, and this year was no different. We heard some fantastic messages that were challenging, inspiring and prayerfully, life-changing. Grace Baptist has mastered the art of hospitality and this year was no exception. We are blessed by all they do for our family.

We head next to Long Beach, California to be with Pastor Ely Reynolds at Gethsemane Baptist Church for a Sunday, and then we begin our journey back to the east side of the country and cold weather. Thank you to each and every one of you who mentions our name in prayer. We couldn't possibly begin to express our gratitude for your investment in our ministry. The Lord has been so faithful to us. What a benevolent Father!

May this new year bring us fresh vision of the need to further the kingdom and may He find us faithful until He returns.

God bless you,

Liz Rogers

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