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June – October 2015

October is coming to a close, and the leaves are falling rapidly all around us. Last week we were in Warren, Ohio and there were a few flakes of that white stuff in the air. I am hoping that was just a fluke and we will have a few more weeks of nice weather. Having spent most of my life in Alaska, I am a strong supporter of “global warming.” Oh, if only it were true!

What we know for sure is that time passes, seasons change and we are blessed to be able to serve the Lord!

We had a very busy Summer, with meetings all over the country. The first week of June we were able to be at Haven Baptist Church in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Pastor Greg Johnston has been faithful there for many years and God has blessed the ministry in wonderful ways. Please continue to pray for Pastor Johnston’s wife, Janice. I mentioned some time ago that she is dealing with a severe form of cancer. She has had many “ups and downs” over the past couple of years, but still needs your sincere prayers on her behalf.

In July I had the privilege of preaching at a brand new work in Leburn, Kentucky. Pastor Dan Snow is doing a great job there and it was good to see this new church so excited about the things of the Lord.

Hope and David were able to attend church camp in Washington with the kids from Riverview Baptist Church in Pasco. They had a great time at camp and enjoyed some time with “Papa” while they were there as well.

I drove out and picked them up and then we had several weeks of meetings in Washington, California, Idaho, New Mexico and Oklahoma. The meetings were excellent, with great attendance and good response from the people.

We didn’t take the fifth wheel out West, we had to leave it in Kentucky to be repaired. We had had two tires blow out, doing quite a bit of damage to the sides of the trailer and we had been driving for some time with the brakes only working sporadically. The lights on the trailer had also quit on us, making it impossible to drive after dark.

We had some repair issues with the truck on our return trip and I learned the importance of making sure they install the correct fuel filter. I also learned not to have it done at Jiffy Lube! Praise the Lord, after getting stranded in Utah for a while and dumping a substantial amount of diesel fuel in parking lots we made it to Farmington, New Mexico and “Fast Freddy” put on the right filter and fixed the problem. If you ever have a problem with your vehicle while in Farmington, I heartily recommend Fast Freddy’s auto repair.

We made it back across the country without incident and when I went to pick up the trailer after six weeks and $1,500, I hooked it on the truck and the lights and brakes quit as soon as I began to pull away! I pulled back in, unhooked and left it again. After two more weeks and another $800, it was back on the road! If you have followed any of the saga online, you probably know we had another tire blow the next week. This is what I like to call the “glamorous part of evangelism.”

On our next trip, while setting up the trailer in the parking lot of Dalton Baptist Church in Dalton, Ohio, the front “landing gear” snapped and one side just quit moving. After finding out there are no mobile RV repairmen in that part of Ohio I went to that source of great knowledge, YouTube! I found that other people have had this happen and I watched a video of a man changing out the front jacks in a parking lot. Praise the Lord! I ordered a new leg, got on my greasy clothes and, with Pastor Dave Greegor’s help, replaced it right there in the parking lot. I’ll probably be a certified RV repairman myself before too long.

I told you all of that just to let you know that it’s getting to the point where every time we pull out, something else falls apart, so we are going to have to get a new trailer soon. Please pray that the Lord will provide the right trailer or give us wisdom about traveling some other way.

In spite of all the mechanical frustrations the meetings are going very well and we’re having a great time serving the Lord.

In September and October we had meetings in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Tennessee and Michigan.

We are in Plainville, Connecticut, this week with Pastor Tom Benson at First Bible Baptist and looking forward to a great meeting.

Since Hope and David are singing with us all of the time now, we are having a great time with the music. We have gotten a great response from the new CD, “Thankful”. If you have not gotten it yet, it is available online through our website.

God bless you,

Mark Rogers

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