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Ministry Update

November 2014 – January 2015

Dear Praying Friends,

The new year is upon us and we are excited about what is ahead!

We covered a lot of territory the last couple months of 2014, going everywhere from Corpus Christi, Texas to Plainville, Connecticut, and from Mesa, Arizona to Missoula, Montana and all points between. We most certainly can’t complain. God has proven Himself faithful to our family over and over as we endeavor to serve Him.

The meetings have gone very well, with a good number of people trusting Christ as Saviour and good response at the altar each service. The Lord opened the doors for us to be in several new places in 2014 and we always enjoy that.

While we were in a revival meeting at First Bible Baptist Church in Plainville, Connecticut, I had the opportunity to go over to Southington, Connecticut and speak for a chapel service at New England Baptist College. We had a great time and really enjoyed the spirit of the young people training there for the ministry.

Hope and David got a special treat in December. We were at East Mesa Baptist Church in Mesa, Arizona, the first Sunday of December with Pastor Fidel Hughes. Since we got into town a day early, Hope and David were able to attend the Sunday School Christmas party and also take part in the Christmas program on Sunday morning. Because we are on the road every week they don’t get to do those things that other people take for granted, so it was a big deal for them. Hope got to be an angel and David got to be a wise man. They did a great job (yes, I’m a little prejudiced) and even got to sing a song together at the end of the program. Thank you Brother Hughes for making Christmas very special for a couple of kids!

We got to spend Christmas with Liz’s father, Dr. John Paisley (Papa), in Washington this year and we had a wonderful time there with family and friends. One of the positive aspects of being on the road is that we get to see family from time to time and we try to take advantage of it whenever we can.

After celebrating Christmas in Washington we headed north for our annual Alaska trip. We got to spend about a week at Grandma’s house and had a late Christmas celebration with her. We are truly blessed people!

As I write today, we are in a revival meeting at Bible Baptist Church in Chugiak, Alaska. The weather has gotten a little chilly, (right around 0 degrees) but the Lord is blessing and we’re having a wonderful time here with Pastor Tim Page. He and his family have been faithfully ministering in Alaska for over thirty years and have been greatly used by God.

Next week we will have the privilege of being at our home church, Bible Baptist in Fairbanks, and we are very excited. We always love to be with Pastor Duffett and the people there in Fairbanks.

We do have some exciting news….January 9th & 10th we will be in the studio, recording our new CD! Yes, it has been a long time since we released a new CD and many of you have been looking forward to some new music. Well, the wait is over, sort of. We will record in January and then it will be several months before the new CD is available, but by Spring it should be ready to go. Keep an eye on our website and as soon as it is available we will let you know.

The new project will be full of great songs that will encourage and challenge you in your walk with God and for the first time Hope and David will be singing with us on many of the songs. This will be the first recording for the entire family and I believe you will be blessed by the songs we have chosen.

Please remember to keep us in your prayers. We are still dealing with some ongoing medical issues, along with all of the usual pressures of life on the road, homeschool and ministry.

We look forward to seeing many of you in the coming year!

God bless you,

Mark Rogers

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