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Ministry Update

January - March 2014

Dear Praying Friends,

The year has started out with a bang! Here we are at the end of March already and the days, weeks and months just keep flying by! We’ve had our share of sickness, vehicle trouble, aches and pains and all of the usual things that go along with nonstop travel, but we certainly can’t complain!

We spent Christmas in Pasco, Washington with Liz’s father and had a great time. The kids always enjoy spending time with Papa. Then we flew to Alaska and got in some Grandma time before heading south to a couple of meetings in California. We had an excellent meeting at Bible Baptist in Vallejo with Pastor Richard Scudder. The people were very receptive to the Word of God.

The last week of January we were privileged to be a part of the annual Bible Conference at Grace Baptist in Corona. Pastor Tim Shanks is going a great job there and it was good to see how the Lord is using that church to be a lighthouse in that part of the state.

The first Sunday in February we were with Pastor Brian Pattison at Victory Baptist in Chino for the kick-off of their Winter Revival meeting before we started the long, cold trip back to the eastern side of the country.

We pulled out of Chino on Monday morning and it was a beautiful, sunny 70 degrees, but by the time we got into Arizona that night we were in white-out conditions and the temperature was in the single digits. Don’t you just love global warming?

As we headed east, we were able to stop Wednesday night at Maranatha Baptist Church of Western Oaks in Bethany, Oklahoma. Pastor Charley O’Daniel has been a good friend for many years and it was a wonderful blessing to be able to be there with him. We first met in El Paso, Texas when we were on missions trips to Mexico with Dr. Carlos Demarest many years ago. It’s always good to renew old acquaintances and see how God has been working in the lives of your friends.

I was barely able to speak, and completely unable to sing, due to a severe bout of laryngitis, so Liz and the kids sang, and the people were very gracious as I preached to them with a very raspy voice.

We finally made it back to our house in Franklin, Kentucky Friday evening with only one vehicle break down (four hours at a repair shop just outside of Memphis) and I preached the following Sunday (again, with a very raspy voice) at Faith Baptist, right next door to our house.

Praise the Lord for a couple of days at the house! We were able to catch our breath a little and get ready for our next revival meeting in Statesville, North Carolina the following week, and then finishing out the month of February at Bible Baptist in Lancaster, Ohio.

The first Sunday of March we were in Shelbyville, Tennessee at Cornerstone Baptist Church. It was our first time at the church since they moved into their new building. What a wonderful facility the Lord has blessed them with. It is truly a testament to the provision of God.

We had the privilege of preaching the annual Missions Celebration at Baptist Tabernacle in Carlisle, Ohio for Pastor Mike Gray. It is always encouraging to rub shoulders with veteran missionaries, who have been on their respective fields for decades, as well as to meet young couples just “getting their feet wet” and heading out to start a work for God.

We were also able to preach for a special Missions Emphasis Sunday at Anchor Baptist in Massillon, Ohio. Pastor Mark Jacobs has been a good friend for many years and we were honored to be able to challenge the people there with the need to get involved in worldwide missions. There is no work more important than that of taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who have never heard.

We had a good time with Pastor Ben Oesterling and the good folks at Mount Zion Baptist in Prospect, Pennsylvania. They are doing their best to reach their community with the Gospel there in Prospect and the Lord is blessing their hard work. Mrs. Oesterling was “great with child” during the meeting and we were praying that the baby would come after the revival. The Lord blessed and Little Abigail came into the world safe and sound just a couple of days after we left town!

This week we are with Pastor Steve Brown at Parkview Baptist in Livonia, Michigan. We are asking God to send revival. It is the greatest need of God’s people everywhere and Livonia, Michigan is no exception. Would you pray with us?

There are some exciting things coming up in the near future. Hope and David have started singing with us and we are planning to record a new CD in just a few months that will include several songs by the whole family. I know it will be a blessing to you, so we’ll keep you posted on our progress.

The whole family is in Trinidad for a missions trip, so we request your prayer that God would bless as we sing and preach to the people here.

We consider it a great privilege and honor to serve the King of Kings and we are pleased to be fellow-laborers with you!

God bless you,

Mark Rogers

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