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January - June 2013

Dear Praying Friends,

Time goes by so quickly; it's really amazing. The exciting thing is that the Lord is coming back, and it is getting closer and closer by the day!

We had great meetings in January in California and it was a welcome reprieve after spending several weeks in Alaska. We were able to be with Pastor Dwight Tomlinson and the good folks at Liberty Baptist in Newport Beach. Brother Tomlinson has been faithful there for many years and God is continuing to bless the ministry.

Our next meeting was at Bible Baptist in Vallejo, where Pastor Scudder has served faithfully for many years. I hope you notice the pattern there...God blesses faithfulness! May we all be found faithfully serving our Saviour when He returns for us!

As we drove back across the country we were able to stop and spend Sunday with Pastor Steven Meier in Enid, Oklahoma. We always enjoy being there and The Lord blessed the services.

We finally made it to the eastern side of the country where we had meetings in Pennsylvania and Ohio for the next several weeks.

The first week of March we had a revival meeting at Cleveland Baptist Church with Pastor Kevin Folger. We always enjoy being at Cleveland Baptist. This year I also preached chapel services for the Christian school every day. It is encouraging to see young people who have a desire to serve The Lord.

Before going to Toledo for our next meeting with Pastor Rick Rust, we had the privilege of attending a special service to honor the retirement of our good friend, Pastor Ray Carpenter. He started the Faith Baptist Temple in North Ridgeville, Ohio and pastored there for 44 years. Brother Carpenter and his dear wife have been a help to countless people in the community and numerous preachers around the country. When I first entered Evangelism in 1996, Brother Carpenter was brave enough to have me come to his church! Brother Carpenter is a gracious man of God and is now Pastor Emeritus of the church and is available to travel and preach.

After leaving Ohio, we headed south thinking that we would be going into nice, sunny, warm weather. Surprise! The "global warming" proponents were (and still are) wrong!

It was in the high '70s when we arrived at Trulite Baptist Church in High Point, North Carolina on Saturday night and by Sunday morning it was in the '40s. Praise the Lord, we have a good furnace in our fifth wheel, so we were toasty warm all week. Our good friend, Pastor Jeff Ledbetter and his family were truly gracious hosts and we had a tremendous meeting there at Trulite Baptist.

We always look forward to going to Virginia in the spring and we were there for the next two weeks, first with Pastor Owens at Calvary Baptist in Spotsylvania and then Easter Sunday and the following week with Pastor Vinton Williams at Trinity Baptist in Warrenton. You can check out some of the pictures on our website to see how the "global warming" thing worked for us while we were in Virginia.

Most of April and May we were in Ohio and Pennsylvania, with the exception of a trip to Canada for a revival meeting at Haven Baptist in Nepean, Ontario, with Pastor Greg Johnston. Haven Baptist has become one of our favorite places to go over the last several years. The people at Haven Baptist are very kind and responsive to the preaching and singing, and they pray for us regularly.

Please remember to pray for Pastor Johnston and his wife Janice. Janice was recently diagnosed with a very serious form of cancer and needs the prayers of God's people for healing and for grace in this difficult time. Praise the Lord, He is the Great Physician!

While we were in Ontario, we had a little excitement. At 2:30 AM we were awakened by a massive explosion. Our trailer began to shake and Liz and I jumped up to see what was going on. We thought that our trailer had been struck by lightning, but when I went outside to look around I found that a tree right behind us had been hit and fell on top of our fifth wheel. A large branch of the tree had landed on the top of the slide-out which is where the kids sleep.

As we began to look around inside to see if there was any damage we turned on the light in the kids’ room and saw that a branch had come right through the roof and was right above David's head! He was laying there with bark in his ear and water all over his face...sound asleep! Even after I took him out of his bed and put him on the couch he never woke up.

The damage was minimal, just the one hole in the roof, a broken surge suppressor and a few miscellaneous scratches and dents. Praise the Lord, the insurance will cover the repair! Now we just need to be home long enough to get it done.

The last weekend in May I flew out to Meridian, Idaho to preach for the Memorial Day services and a special graduation service at Treasure Valley Baptist. Between their home school and Christian school, they had eleven young people graduating. It really was a blessing to see the graduates and their families give testimony to the power of God in their lives and express their desire to continue to serve Him.

We started out June with a revival meeting at Calvary Bible Church in Byrdstown, Tennessee and then we made it back to Franklin, Kentucky. We got to spend the night at our house and be in one night of the camp meeting at Faith Baptist Church before going north to Connecticut.

We had a great time at First Bible Baptist in Plainville, where Tom Benson has pastored for many years. One morning while we were there I dumped coffee on my MacBook Pro and Brother Benson, rather than mocking me, was very sympathetic. We learned a lot about new Macs and old Macs and everything about our Macs in the next couple of days! There was no saving the computer, but the hard drive was not damaged so it was not a total loss. The church took up a special offering to help defray the cost of a new computer, so we are back up and running again. Thank you First Bible Baptist!

It is going to be a very busy summer as usual, so please continue to hold us up in prayer. As I sit here and write this afternoon, we just finished a Bible Conference at Hope Baptist in Toledo last week and tonight is our last night of a tent meeting at Grace Baptist in Oak Harbor, Ohio.

Check our website to see some current pictures and to find out if we will be anywhere near you in the coming months. We will look forward to seeing many of you.

Please continue to pray for us as we endeavor to serve The Lord.

God bless you,

Mark Rogers

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