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September - December 2012

2012 is quickly drawing to a close and I have barely gotten used to writing it!

When I last wrote, we had just returned from Alaska and were planning to be on the West Coast for several weeks. We did just that, and had some great meetings. It was a blessing to be back with the good folks at Gethsemane Baptist in Long Beach, California. They were kind enough to take us to the airport and keep our vehicle for us while we were in Alaska, for which we were very thankful!

We had a great Sunday with Pastor Mark Hoffer at Liberty Baptist Church in Prescott, Arizona, where two men trusted Christ as Saviour that morning. God is good!

From Prescott we went North again to Yakima, Washington where we had a wonderful revival meeting with Pastor Dave Brown and the people at Yakima Bible Baptist. God has used Bro. Brown and the church there to be an encouragement to pastors and church planters all over the country.

Our next meetings were in Mesa, Arizona with Pastor Fidel Hughes at East Mesa Baptist and in Phoenix with Pastor Terry Randolph at Cornerstone Baptist. Both were exceptional meetings with good attendance and good response from the people.

While we were in Phoenix, Liz's father got seriously ill and had to spend several days in the hospital. While I drove back across the country for our next meetings, Liz and the kids flew back to Washington to help him get on his feet again. I know many of you were following his progress and praying for his speedy recovery. Thank you for your prayers and concern on his behalf. He has made a complete recovery and was even able to make a mission trip to Burma in November.

Let me just take a moment and brag on our home church a little bit. When they found out that Liz and the kids had to fly to Washington they immediately (without any request on our part) provided the funds for their tickets. It is such a blessing to know that we have a church family that loves us and cares about the details of what we do. Thank you Pastor Duffett and Bible Baptist Church!

We finished September with meetings in Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Texas.

October went by in a "blur" for us. I'm finding that happening more and more these days! Our meetings in Ohio and Michigan went very well and we were excited to get to spend almost five days in a row at the house the last week of the month. That may not seem like much of a thrill to some of you, but to us it is pretty spectacular.

November took us to the Northeast part of the country and we really enjoyed the opportunity to minister there. We were able to be with Pastor Cohen at East Baptist in Henrietta, New York and Pastor Huber at Walker Bible Baptist in Hilton, New York. Both of these churches were far enough away from the effects of Hurricane Sandy to avoid any damage.

The presidential election occurred while we were at East Baptist and although the results of the election promise to be far worse than any hurricane, we plan to just keep on serving the Lord to the best of our ability.

We also got to go back up to Maine to be with Pastor Stoeber at Westbrook Baptist Church this year. He was faithful to go and start the church there several years ago and God has blessed the ministry.

The last week of November we had a wonderful time with Pastor Sanders at Victory Baptist Church in Millbrook Alabama. We had a great meeting and saw God move in people’s lives in a wonderful way.

Pastor Sanders is an avid hunter, so we got to do some target shooting and the kids did great. Yes, I said the kids got to shoot. They were thrilled to death to finally get to shoot a real rifle and they were both able to hit the targets. David is convinced we should move to Alabama!

The first Sunday of December I got to preach the special "missions emphasis" day at Landmark Baptist in Locust Grove, Georgia. It was a good way to finish out our East Coast meetings before driving back across the country to end the year in Washington and Alaska.

Please continue to pray for us as we travel the country, endeavoring to preach the Gospel.

God bless you, and Merry Christmas!

Mark Rogers

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