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May - August 2012

Summer is my favorite time of year; I just can't believe how quickly it goes by!

There were some extensive repairs to be done on the fifth wheel before we could get it on the road, but it was finally ready May 1st and we were able to get it back on the road.

We got an early start to our summer weather by going south to Picayune, Mississippi where we had a great revival meeting at Liberty Baptist Church. Brother Jeremy Wilson and his family are doing a great job there and we really enjoyed their southern hospitality. One afternoon Brother Wilson took us over to Louisiana where we went on the "swamp tour." It's pretty impressive to see the alligators close up and watch them jump right up out of the water to grab food. Liz was very careful to keep the kids back from the edge of the boat!

From Mississippi we went north to Massillon, Ohio for a revival meeting at Cornerstone Baptist with Pastor Tom Fryman. Brother Fryman has been a good friend for many years and it was good to see how the Lord is blessing there.

The next several weeks were spent in Ohio and Indiana with one exception; we got to be at the annual Faith Baptist Camp Meeting in Franklin, Kentucky. The Lord truly met with us this year and we were encouraged, refreshed and challenged.

It is always exciting when we get to be there for the Camp Meeting because we not only enjoy the preaching, singing and fellowship, but it's right next door to our house, so we get to sleep in our own bed. Praise the Lord!

Brother Pierce and the good folks at Faith Baptist have been a tremendous blessing to us over the years. They watch over our house while we are out on the road and that really makes it possible for us to do what we do and still have somewhere to "come home" to. Thank you Faith Baptist Church!

The last Sunday in June we were with Pastor Rick Bickelhaupt at Grace Baptist church in Oak Harbor, Ohio for the opening Sunday of their annual tent meeting. It's always exciting to be under the tent. Sometimes we just need to "mix things up" a little and get out of our comfort zone a little so that we can be more sensitive to how the Lord is speaking to us.

After leaving Oak Harbor we took our fifth wheel back to Kentucky, switched from our truck to our van and began the long trip to the West Coast where we started off July with a Bible Conference at Treasure Valley Baptist in Meridian, Idaho before heading to California for several meetings.

We had a wonderful time with Pastor Rick Owens at Liberty Baptist Church in Fresno. This is a new church that is not even two years old yet and the Lord is doing great things with them. It was such a blessing to see the excellent attendance each night and to sense the excitement among the people. There were many victories that week and many life changing decisions made. Liberty Baptist is currently meeting in a hotel and they are looking for a building of their own. Please pray that they will be able to find just the right place, at just the right price.

The meeting in Fresno concluded on Wednesday night and then we went down to Orange County to be at another new church that is just getting started, Central Baptist Church of Orange County. Pastor Aaron Gehlken and his family are doing a good job there and we were able to be there for Thursday and Friday night.

Liz and I celebrated our tenth anniversary while we were at Central Baptist. I always tease Liz about taking her to "exotic" locations for our anniversary and this year was no exception. Pastor and Mrs. Gehlken were kind enough to offer to take Hope and David to the Fair on Friday and so Liz and I got to spend the whole day at Balboa Island, just enjoying wandering around the harbor and the shops together. The Lord is good to us!

The following Sunday we had a great day with Pastor Lantz Shapiro and the good folks at Fundamental Baptist Church in Ventura. The next day we headed over to Los Angeles to catch a flight to Alaska. As you know, we are usually in Alaska in December and January, so it is a real treat for us to get to go in the summer.

We got to spend some good time with family, do some fishing and be in several churches while we were there. Many of you have heard me tell about the "parade of wiener dogs" during the Soldotna Progress Days celebration. You will be pleased to know that we were there this year and once again got to see the amazing sight! (There are some pictures on the website if you really want to see it.)

Our last stop on our Alaska trip was our home church, Bible Baptist in Fairbanks, where we had a tremendous Sunday with people saved in both morning services. The longer we travel, the more thankful we are for a good church and a faithful pastor.

Thank you for your continued prayers. Check out our itinerary, and we will look forward to seeing you at one of our meetings.

God bless you,

Mark Rogers

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