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Ministry Update

January - April 2012

Dear Praying Friends,

The first part of 2012 has been busy, exciting and blessed!

We had a wonderful time in Alaska in January, where we were able to start off the new year at our home church in Fairbanks and then have meetings in Palmer and Kenai before attempting to head south. I say "attempting" to head south because we got stuck in Alaska for a few extra days due to a huge snowstorm that blanketed the Seattle area for several days and shut down the airport.

Pastor Alex Munoz and the good folks of Northwest Baptist Church in Marysville, Washington were very understanding of our travel difficulties and rearranged the dates of our meeting by a couple of days. We had a wonderful time there in Marysville and were very encouraged to see what the Lord is doing there.

We went from Washington down to California for a Bible Conference at Grace Baptist in Corona and a revival meeting at Tabernacle Baptist in Concord. After enjoying the sunshine for a couple of weeks we headed north once again for meetings in Idaho, Washington and Montana.

We had the privilege of preaching for the annual "President's Day Tournament" at Riverview Baptist Church in Pasco, Washington this year. This is a unique basketball/volleyball tournament that starts with a youth rally Sunday night and then competition interspersed with preaching through Wednesday afternoon. There were teams represented from all over the west coast and we had a great time of fun and spiritual refreshment.

In March we made our way back across the country and were excited to get back to our little house in Kentucky for a couple of days. We had not been there since the middle of December, but that's just the way it goes when you are on the road all of the time.

We were able to be at a couple of churches for the first time in March, Loudonville Baptist Temple in Loudonville, Ohio and Faith Baptist Church in Allegan, Michigan. We had a wonderful time at each and were very encouraged to see the Lord work in the services.

We had a great revival meeting in Lancaster, Ohio with our good friends at Bible Baptist Church. Pastor Roy Maple has "stood by the stuff" there in Lancaster for many years and God has greatly blessed the ministry there.

The last week of March found us in Penfield, New York at Southeast Bible Baptist Church, preaching for their annual Missions Conference. We always enjoy having the opportunity to encourage people to get involved in the work of missions around the world. God truly blessed that week and they saw an increase in their missions giving for the year. We enjoyed meeting some new missionary friends and renewing acquaintance with those we only get to see on rare occasions.

Most of April, we were in Revival meetings in Virginia and were very blessed to see God work in many hearts. We saw some real victories won in the lives of people. What a wonderful privilege to be a small part of the work of the Saviour!

It never fails to humble and amaze us that people all around the country pray for us on a regular basis. Please accept our thanks for standing with us. There are times when we get tired and discouraged but it always gives us a "shot in the arm" when we find out someone is praying!

The summer months will be very busy and will take us from East to West and everywhere in between. We hope to see you in our travels!

God bless you,

Mark Rogers

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