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Ministry Update

February - April 2011

Dear Praying Friends,

We love Springtime! The sun is shining, the birds are singing and everything is green and beautiful. What a wonderful reminder of the resurrection power of our Saviour. He is still in the business of "breathing new life" into those who are dead in sin. We have been privileged to see it over and over again and it is still an awe-inspiring thing!

We have had some great meetings since our last update, finishing the month of February with a revival meeting at Brodhead Baptist Church in Brodhead, Wisconsin. The weather was cold and nasty, but the people were warm and gracious. It was good to see how the Lord is working there.

Our next meeting was with Pastor Roy Maple at Bible Baptist Church in Lancaster, Ohio, and then we went on to Calvary Baptist in Ashland, Ohio. Pastor Harry Strachan, Jr. has done a great job there in Ashland and they always go out of their way to make us feel at home. The revival meeting in Ashland was combined with a fellowship meeting for independent Baptist preachers from around Ohio and it was a blessing to see some friends that we don't often see, as well as having the chance to hear some great preaching from area pastors.

We had a free Wednesday night after we were done in Ashland, so we were able to go to Columbus and be with Pastor Mark Carpenter at Capitol City Baptist Church for their evening service. They had been busy with some remodeling projects and were planning a big outreach into their community. I believe God has some great things in store for this church right in the heart of Columbus.

After leaving Ohio, we went to Mercer, Pennsylvania, for a revival meeting at Bible Baptist Church with Pastor Chuck Schwartz. We had a great meeting there and we even went roller skating after the Saturday afternoon service. I may still be a little sore in some places!

Liz's father had flown in to spend some time with Liz’s sister in Indiana, so after we got back from Pennsylvania, they drove up to spend a few days with "Papa." It is always a blessing to spend time with family and since we have such an unusual lifestyle, we try to take advantage of every opportunity we can. They had a wonderful time and even got to "stretch it out" a little by bringing the whole crew back to our house in Kentucky for a few days.

Since the family was gone, I was on my own at Twin Rivers Baptist in Marietta, Ohio with Pastor Jeff Baumer and Bible Baptist Church in Ashtabula, Ohio with Pastor Larry Emery.

Every year we pull our 5th-wheel trailer April through November and then park it for the winter months. Our first trip with the 5th-wheel this year was to Calvary Baptist Church in Butler, Pennsylvania. Not only was it our first trip of the season, it was our first breakdown!

About two and one half hours away from Butler, in Cambridge, Ohio, we saw the ominous cloud of white smoke and felt the sudden loss of power. It turned out to be a failed EGR cooler, which is a very long and expensive job. We left the truck and trailer there for repairs and borrowed a van from Pastor Steve Leathley at Bible Baptist in Cambridge. We made it to Butler and had a very fruitful meeting there with Pastor Ward.

We picked up the truck and trailer the next Thursday and headed out for Front Royal, Virginia. As we pulled into the parking lot at Rivermont Baptist, we saw another ominous cloud of smoke! We had the truck towed to yet another repair facility and found out we had blown our power steering hoses. Pastor Alcorn and the good folks of Rivermont Baptist Church were very gracious and paid for the repair, for which we are very thankful!

Our next meeting was only about an hour away in Warrenton, Virginia, and I joked to Liz, "What could possibly happen on such a short trip?" I was wrong! As we made the corner to go into the parking lot of Trinity Baptist Church, I got a little carried away and took the corner too short and too quickly. The trailer came around and broke out the back window of the truck right behind David’s head. Needless to say, he was excited about that!

After paying insurance for so many years, I was very glad to find out it was covered and they sent out a man on Monday to replace the window. God is good!

Trinity Baptist is one of our favorite places to go and this year was no exception. We had very good attendance and the Lord blessed by working in many lives that week. Pastor Vinton Williams has been serving faithfully there for thirty-seven years and has been greatly used to raise up a testimony there in the Warrenton area.

We certainly have no reason to complain. In the midst of our vehicle frustrations, we could still see the hand of God at work, both in the circumstances surrounding us and in the powerful way that He was at work in the meetings. God is good!

2011 is the 15th anniversary of our evangelistic ministry and in honor of that anniversary, we are releasing two double-CD projects. "Mark Rogers Ministries 15th Anniversary Collection #1” and “15th Anniversary Collection #2" will be available by June 1st.

Our four earliest CDs contain some of our most requested songs, so we are re-releasing them in double-CD sets. Since it will be a limited time release, we have a special price of $15.00 for each set. Collection #1 contains the "Always Enough" and the "Favorites by Request Volume #1" projects. Collection #2 contains the "He Gives A Song" and the "Favorites by Request Volume #2" projects.

You can check out our website for more information about the new releases and for some new pictures. We are looking forward to a very busy summer schedule and we will no doubt get the opportunity to see many of you in the coming months as we literally "crisscross" the country. Check out our itinerary on the website and stop by to see us if we are in your area.

Thank you for your continued prayer support, we could not continue without it!

God bless you,

Mark Rogers

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