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September 2009 - January 2010

Dear Praying Friends,

Is there a way to make time slow down? If you figure it out, please let me know right away!

It has been quite a while (August, to be exact) since we sent out an update and we have literally been in every corner of the country since that time

We started out the month of September by losing the "EGR pump" on the truck somewhere in central Wisconsin. The Lord knew we needed a rest, so we got to spend four days in a campground waiting for the truck to be repaired. It was certainly unplanned, but still, a nice rest. We did get everything done in time to make it to our next meetings in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Virginia, where we saw God work in wonderful ways in the lives of people.

The first full week of October, we were once again privileged to be at Bible Baptist Church in Bennington, Vermont. Pastor Mike Twardy has been faithful there for many years and has established a solid work. We got to be there right in the midst of their fall foliage season and rejoice in the beauty of Gods' creation.

November found us heading back toward Pennsylvania and Ohio. During that trip we discovered that we had a "module" go out on the truck which affected the "lifters" (I'm telling you more than I know) and caused us to have a $4,000 repair bill. We also had some issues with the fifth wheel. Somehow we managed to break the leaf springs and shocks on one side and get cracks in the frame above the axles on both sides.

The good folks at Warren Baptist Temple helped us limp to the church and their mechanics were able to get our springs fixed so that we could get back to Kentucky safely. While we were there in Warren, we had a wonderful Missions Conference. Several people trusted Christ as Saviour, including our daughter, Hope. What a privilege and blessing to be able to go through the Gospel with your own child and to hear her call out to God and become a new creature in Christ Jesus. That makes the occasional mechanical breakdown seem pretty small in comparison to the goodness of God!

We made our annual trip to Haines City, Florida, to be with Bro. Mickey Carter and the folks at Landmark Baptist Church the weekend before spending Thanksgiving at our house. It was one of the few times we actually made it back to the house in 2009, so we enjoyed it immensely!

The week before Christmas, we flew to Washington to spend a few days with Liz's father. We had a wonderful time there in Pasco, Washington ,and had the opportunity to preach at Chinook Baptist Church while we were there.

On December 22nd, we flew to Alaska to celebrate Christmas with my family and then spent the next several weeks in meetings all around the state. It is always a joy to be at our home church, Bible Baptist Church in Fairbanks, for a few days and "catch up" on what God is doing there.

The first week of January, we had a revival meeting in Barrow, Alaska. If you check it out on the map, you will find that it is the furthest point North on the continent. Even that far from the "rest of the world" the Gospel is being preached and lives are being changed. Missionary Darryl Serino is doing a great job there and the Lord is blessing. We had increased attendance every night and good response to the preaching of the Word of God. Hope and David got to ride the snowmobile and the dogsled several times, so they thought it was just about the best place in all the world!

While we were in Alaska we got to take my mother with us to several meetings (she didn't want to go to Barrow) and the kids enjoyed spending time with Grandma, and we always enjoy having her travel with us.

I mentioned that we had been to every corner of the country and you probably think that I left out one corner. As I write this today we are in Corona, California for the annual West Coast Bible Believers' Bible Conference at Grace Baptist Church. It is exciting to see good men gather from all around the Southwest for fellowship and encouragement.

We would like to extend a special "Thank You" to Riverview Baptist Church in Pasco, Washington, and Cornerstone Baptist Church in Beulah, North Dakota, for helping out financially with our truck and trailer problems. God has used these churches and many others to encourage us along the way and we are very grateful.

Please continue to pray for us as we endeavor to serve the Lord together with you in 2010.

God bless you,

Mark Rogers

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