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February - May 2009

Dear Praying Friends,

We have had an exciting and busy Spring. Over and over we have watched the hand of God protecting and guiding us along the way.

As usual, we have spent the last four months "criss-crossing" the country, holding revival meetings in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Tennessee, Virginia, Texas, Michigan and North Carolina. We have seen several folks trust Jesus Christ as Saviour and many lives changed by the power of God during our meetings.

You can see pictures on the website of some of our travels, as well as check out where we will be this Summer.

The last week of April we were supposed to be at Vision Baptist Church in Goodyear, Arizona, but sometimes the Lord has plans that are very different from ours. In thirteen years of evangelism I had never missed a meeting due to a vehicle breakdown, however, in April that all changed!

We finished a meeting in Brunswick, Ohio, on a Wednesday night and headed out for Goodyear, Arizona. The weather was good and everything was going very smoothly as we drove west that Thursday. Friday started out fine as well and by about 5:30 that evening we had made it across Oklahoma and just into Shamrock, Texas, when everything changed. Suddenly the truck had no power and we started going slower and slower until we were creeping along I-40 at about 30 mph.

Shamrock, Texas, is a fine little town, but there's not really much there and certainly no repair facilities open after 5:00 pm on a Friday, but God had everything under control!

We limped about a half mile to the next exit so we could get off the highway and try to figure out what to do. At that exit God provided a little RV park, so we were able to set up the trailer and have all of the "comforts of home." At the same exit was a transmission shop with the phone number painted on the side of the garage, so sitting there in the truck I called the number and the owner walked right across the street and checked out the truck. We determined that it was not a problem with the transmission and I was very thankful for that, knowing that a new transmission would have been a huge expense.

The next day (Saturday) I took the truck to a repair facility in Oklahoma and they told me I needed a new turbo unit. They also told me they closed at noon and there was no way they could get it done by then, but the service manager was a Christian and took pity on the stranded evangelist and they said they would stay until the job was done. God is good!

They finally got me back on the road, but it was too late for us to make it to Arizona for our revival meeting. Pastor Perham at Vision Baptist Church was very understanding about the situation and we are looking forward to getting out there as soon as we can.

The next few days we spent in Oklahoma City, where Bro. Sam Davison and the folks at Southwest Baptist Church, allowed us to "camp out" in their parking lot and enjoy some good fellowship. It was a blessing to be able to sit back and enjoy the preaching on Sunday. Like I said, we have had a very busy Spring and God knew we needed a little break.

While there in Oklahoma City, we sang and preached in chapel at Heartland Baptist Bible College that Tuesday and at Southwest Baptist Church on Wednesday night. It was a time of rest and refreshing that we didn't plan, but once again, God had it all under control.

Our next meeting was at Liberty Baptist Church in Dalhart, Texas with Pastor Dan Martin. While we were there the converter in our trailer "died" and they got us a new one and even installed it, so now everything is working great! A special "thank you" to Bro. Martin and Liberty Baptist for allowing God to use you to be a blessing to us.

Why take up so much space to tell you about our mechanical (mis)adventures? Very simply put, I have been telling people all over the country that the most important thing to know is that God can be trusted. He has never failed, and never will! You can trust Him to save you, you can trust Him to keep you and you can trust Him to guide and direct you. He may not always do what we think should be done, but He always does what is right.

Mark 7:37 says "...He hath done ALL things well..." Praise the Lord, He can be trusted!

God bless you,

Mark Rogers

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