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May - July 2007

Dear Praying Friends,

Mark has asked me to write a portion of this update letter, so that I may express our gratitude for your ongoing prayers for my mother. We're approaching the three year anniversary of her original cancer diagnosis, and I can't begin to tell you how blessed I feel that the Lord has allowed her to live, to minister and to be a blessing to so many others. Cancer has ravaged her body, but it has only made her spirit more beautiful. After the news in May that the doctors really only gave her six months to live, we have made a concerted effort for the kids and me to visit my parents as often as possible. Thank you to the pastors who have been so gracious to understand our absence from your meetings.

My dad has said so often in the past few years, "God is still on the throne and prayer changes things!" This has certainly been the case in our family; we have seen answer after answer to prayer, and the number of people praying is absolutely astounding to us. Our continued prayer is that the Lord be glorified in mom's life as well as in the lives of our entire family that we may be a testimony of God's mercy and grace.

The good news is that mom's cancer count is gradually coming down; on the negative side, she's having constant pain that she rarely even mentions. She is however, able to teach Ladies Bible Study and attend church which is encouraging for all of us to see her up and around. We're continuing to pray for complete healing of her body. If the Lord chooses not to answer that prayer, we trust that His way is best, but we certainly would like to have her here for years to come. Thank you for your continued prayers on her behalf; they mean more than you could know.

Our travels since May have taken us from east to west and back again. In May we were with Pastor Steve Brown in Livonia, Michigan. We had wonderful services and while we were there, we were able to celebrate with the Browns as they welcomed another grandchild into the world. From Michigan, the kids and I flew to my parent's house and Mark traveled to meetings in Chicago with Pastor Tom Brennan. Mark was so impressed with the work there and they ate at some wonderful restaurants as well. We reunited in Phoenix, Arizona where we had a Sunday meeting with Pastor Fidel Hughes in East Mesa. It was a wonderful day and we got to enjoy a high school choir and drill team from a Christian school in California, who were headed to Flagstaff for competition. We've been in several tent meetings or Bible Conferences this summer that we always look forward to with great anticipation. Three of them were back to back; the preaching was amazing and we always enjoy the fellowship, but it goes without saying that the kids were pretty weary of nurseries by the end of it all.

We had such a wonderful time in Oak Harbor, Ohio with our dear friends, Pastor and Mrs. Rick Bickelhaupt. Mark told me when we got engaged that I would meet some of the finest people in the world in the churches where we hold meetings. How true that statement has been! On July 12, Mark and I celebrated our fifth anniversary; the time sure has flown. I never would have imagined what a wonderful life I would share with this amazing man! After our anniversary, it was a three week separation for our family as the children and I went back to Washington and Mark held meetings in Shickshinny and Emmaus, Pennsylvania and Northport, Alabama.

We met Mark and drove to the beautiful eastern shore of our country. We were with Pastor Steve Hays at Eastern Shore Bible Baptist Church in Galena, Maryland. We enjoyed wonderful fellowship with the folks there and then made our way to Pastor Chris Huff's Camp Meeting in Mt. Prospect, Illinois. Again, the preaching was a real blessing. We had an exciting Sunday with Pastor Bill Fennell in Mt. Vernon, Ohio, and this week we are in Brodhead, Wisconsin with Pastor and Mrs. Jeff Shergalis, who have been faithful at Brodhead Baptist Church for the past two years. Thank you again for your prayers and support for our ministry.

Sincerely, Liz Rogers

As you can tell from what Liz has written, we have had a very full summer and we wouldn't have it any other way!

We are excited about entering a brand new phase of our ministry. As you know, for the last eleven years we have travelled in a van and stayed in hotel rooms and prophet's chambers while we were in meetings. Well, that is all changing. We have taken a huge step of faith and purchased a truck and fifth wheel trailer. The financial investment is very large but I believe it will be a tremendous help to our family. As the children get bigger they just need more space than a hotel room can provide and after much prayer and counsel the Lord allowed us to find what I believe is the ideal equipment for our situation. This week is our first week on the road with our new trailer and it is such a blessing to have our own "place"!

We would like to say a special "Thank You" to Trinity Baptist Church in Warrenton, VA. They found out what we were doing and went out of their way to send us a special offering to help with the purchase. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness.

Make sure you check out the website,, to see some new pictures of our travels and also the new "rig".

God bless you,

Mark Rogers

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