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April - June 2006

Dear Praying Friends,

We trust this letter finds you enjoying the blessings of our Saviour. The last few months have been busy, exciting, challenging and yet spiritually profitable.

On our way out to preach for Pastor Tom Lemmons at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Missoula, Montana, we heard a terrible sound coming from our vehicle. We got off the highway at the first exit with a gas station and asked the lady at the counter if she knew of a mechanic in the area. She gave me the name of a diesel mechanic and said she had heard that he sometimes worked on gasoline vehicles as well. I called the number for "Ron's Diesel Repair" and the mechanic agreed to come and check out the van.

We were still about three hours away from Missoula and stranded in a strange place with two babies and not really sure what to do, but God had a plan!

Just across the freeway from the gas station was a little hotel, so we got a room for the night. About 9:00 o'clock that night the mechanic came by, looked at the van, and said if I could get it to his shop at 8:00 AM, he would try to figure out what was wrong with it. I asked where his shop was and he pointed right across the road. What a blessing!

The next morning I watched as he began to tear things apart and I soon learned what it looks like when a rear-end is messed up. He told me that he could have it fixed in three days and have me back on the road. I really had no other options so I agreed and he began ordering parts and working on the van.

Now all we had to do was figure out how to get to Missoula to start the revival meeting that night. God already had a plan!

As I looked on our map, I saw that we were not far from the town of Belgrade, Montana, where Evangelist Dr. Tom Williams lives. I decided to give him a call and see if he knew of anyone that could loan us a vehicle. Within the hour, he pulled into the hotel parking lot with his own vehicle for us to use. What a blessing!

We made it to Missoula that afternoon and had a great revival meeting that went through Easter Sunday. We saw souls saved and lives changed and left there excited about the goodness of God.

On our way back across Montana we picked up our van, dropped off Bro. Williams' vehicle and headed back across the country without missing a beat. God is good!

Special thanks to Ron's Diesel Repair for all of the emergency work, Dr. Tom Williams for his willingness to help us with transportation, and Riverview Baptist Church in Pasco, Washington for paying the repair bill for our van.

You may wonder why I would take up so much space to tell you about this one event in our travels. The reason is that I want to remind you that no matter what the circumstances may be, our God is in control and He has a plan! Praise the Lord!

The last few months we have been everywhere from Virginia to Alaska and all points in between. We are adjusting very well to traveling with two little ones and pulling a cargo trailer. How could we complain? What a privilege to be a part of the work of God.

Special prayer request:

Liz's mother, Mrs. Dorothy Paisley, was diagnosed with cancer two years ago and many of you prayed with us that God would heal her. As you know, she had been doing very well and her check-ups had been clear.

In May she began to feel ill and went into the hospital. They ran several tests and found that the cancer had returned and was showing up in her lymph nodes, on her liver and in her colon. June 10th she underwent surgery and began more chemotherapy. She has been released from the hospital and is home recovering from the surgery.

Please pray that God will once again touch her body with His healing power. Above all, please pray that He would be glorified throughout this situation.

Don't forget to check out the website for new photos of our travels and (of course) David and Hope.

God bless you,

Mark Rogers

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