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October - December 2005

Dear Praying Friends,

As I sit here writing, the last hours of 2005 are slipping by very quickly. It has been a good year and a very busy one as we have traveled around the country preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. What a privilege to be part of the work of God!

We closed out the month of September with a meeting at Moraine Heights Baptist Church in Dayton, Ohio. We had a great time with the folks there and saw God work in many lives. I finished out that week without Liz, as she and Hope flew to Washington to spend a few days with her parents.

I drove out after the meeting in Ohio, and picked them up for our next meeting at Bible Baptist Church in Puyallup, Washington. Pastor Marvin McKenzie has done a great job there in Puyallup and God is blessing the work. We were able to see some of my former school students and several "Alaskan transplants" while we were there.

The next couple of weeks were spent in the Northwest with meetings in Surrey, British Columbia and Tacoma, Washington, before heading south to Las Vegas and San Diego.

We had a good time at Lighthouse Baptist in San Diego with Pastor Doug Fisher. During our family conference, we saw some real victories won in people’s lives. Praise the Lord!

In November we had meetings in Pennsylvania, Texas, Arizona, Florida and Alabama, before "landing" at the house for a five-night stay the week after Thanksgiving. What a blessing it was to have a few days to relax.

December started off with a revival meeting in Lancaster, Ohio and then a Christmas banquet at Gid Brown Baptist Church in Washington, Virginia. Those folks in Virginia sure can cook the Christmas goodies!

We were able to spend a few more days at the house before heading back to Virginia to be at Temple Baptist in Fredericksburg. We flew into the DC area on a Saturday night and Pastor Mike Reid took us downtown to see the White House Christmas tree and the Capitol Christmas tree before we went to Fredericksburg. If you ever need to find a good parking spot in Washington DC, Bro. Reid is the man you need to see. He got us into parking places that we would never have dreamed possible!

After flying out of Virginia, we headed to Washington to spend several days in Pasco with Liz's family. We had a wonderful time there and enjoyed celebrating an early Christmas. We then flew to Alaska and spent Christmas with my family. What a blessing to be able to be with our families for a few days as we celebrated the greatest gift ever given, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our last service of 2005 was with our good friends at Manna Independent Baptist Church in Palmer, Alaska. Pastor Watson has been a dear friend for years and has faithfully served the Lord there in Palmer. The church has built on to their building and will soon be done with their Sunday School/Fellowship Hall addition. It is encouraging to see all that God is doing there.

The last few days of December we spent at our home church in Fairbanks, and had the opportunity to see many good friends. We decided that Hope is now old enough for some "culture," so we took here to her first hockey game at the University of Alaska. You will be pleased to know that we won. It was quite the cultural experience!

As I look back over the last year, I can see the hand of God at work in so many ways. I wouldn't have the time or the space to tell you the individual stories of souls saved and lives changed for the glory of God.  I know that many of you pray for us regularly and you need to know that God is answering your prayers on a daily basis.

Tomorrow we will start the new year preaching at our home church, Bible Baptist in Fairbanks. I can think of no place I would rather start out the new year, and no way I would rather have it begin.

We covet your continued prayers as we look forward to 2006 and what the Lord has in store for us. Maybe this will be the year Jesus comes back!

God bless you,

Mark Rogers

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