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June - September 2005

Dear Praying Friends,

It has truly been a whirlwind summer for our family. We have been very busy holding revival meetings all around the country and seeing God work in lives. We were privileged to be a part of several camp meetings, tent meetings and Bible conferences, along with our full schedule of revival meetings.

With the terrible devastation from Hurricane Katrina, we were once again reminded that God has truly been good to us. We enjoy His blessings and His mercy every day and often take them for granted.

There were stories of hope and courage that came out of the hurricane, but there were also the disappointing reactions of some involved. I have heard some say that the storm was the judgment of God for the wickedness of New Orleans and the gambling industry along the Gulf Coast. God would certainly be just if He were to judge in such a manner, but only God knows the real reason when these things happen.

Several times in the last few weeks, even while the Superdome was still full of thousands of people, we were assured that "Mardi Gras 2006 will go on." Most of you know that the hurricane hit during the annual "Southern Decadence" festival. Our reaction should be one of repentance toward a Holy God, not a desire to get back to the public displays of drunkenness and perversion that have been the financial backbone of New Orleans for so many years. The judgment of God? You decide.

We started June in Ohio and Pennsylvania, and then headed out to Idaho and Texas for the first few weeks of July, before going back to Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois and Missouri. The middle of August found us heading West once again for meetings in Arizona and California. On our way back across the country, we were able to stop off in Bossier City, Louisiana for a Wednesday night service the first week of September as we headed out for meetings in Pennsylvania and Virginia.

There were several highlights of the summer that I'd like to share with you. We had the privilege of being part of the annual Bible Conference at Hope Baptist Church in Toledo, Ohio once again this year. We were blessed to hear Dr. Tom Malone preach one night. Just to hear this dear man of God stand and preach was a great reminder of the faithfulness of God, as well as a reminder that we need to be faithful and stand on the truth of the Word of God, not just for the short term, but right to the end of our lives.

In August, we were able to be a part of the Pastor's School at Treasure Valley Baptist Church in Meridian, Idaho. Attendance was great and each of the Pastors I spoke to were encouraged and blessed by the sessions. If you were not able to make it this year, you need to try to make it next year. The 2006 Pastor's School will be held at Hope Baptist in Toledo, Ohio. It would be well worth your time to attend.

We have another exciting highlight of the summer we'd like to share with you as well. We are expecting our second baby the first week of March! God is good! We are excited about our family growing again and looking forward to having another little one. No, we don't know if it's a boy or a girl and we're not going to find out. We'll just wait and see what the Lord gives us.

We are going to have to modify our schedule around the time the baby is born, so some of you will be hearing from me soon regarding "juggling" some dates. Thank you for your flexibility in that regard.

Many folks have asked how long we will be carrying cassette tapes. We are nearing the end of our supply, so if you are interested in cassette tapes, you need to order them right away. We should be out of both music tapes and preaching tapes by the end of 2005 and carry everything on CD.

God bless you,

Mark Rogers

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