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Ministry Update

March - May 2005

Dear Praying Friends,

We have been busy this Spring and have seen the Lord do great things all around the country.

The revival meeting at Mansfield Baptist Temple, where Dr. Dale Adkins is the pastor, was a real blessing. Several folks trusted Christ as Saviour and many life changing decisions were made. While we were there, the van was pretty "sick" but they were able to get it up and running in no time at all. Praise the Lord!

In March, we also had meetings at Grace Baptist in Greenville, Pennsylvania and Trinity Baptist in Warrenton, Virgina. We began the revival meeting at Trinity Baptist on Easter Sunday and had a great crowd and several saved that morning. The momentum built through the week and we had a tremendous meeting. Pastor Vinton Williams has done a great job there and God has blessed the ministry.

In April, we had a good time at New Testament Baptist Church in Butler, Pennsylvania in spite of a huge snow storm! Somehow, the snow usually seems to come on Saturday night. Thank God, it takes more than a little bad weather to keep some folks away from church! Pastor Steve Fisher is doing a good job there at New Testament Baptist and exciting things are happening.

After leaving Pennsylvania, we went to Jackson, Ohio, Livonia, Michigan and Sioux Falls, South Dakota to finish out the month of April.

May found us in Clovis, California for a revival meeting at Central Baptist Church. They are in the process of completing their new church building and no doubt, will have it full in no time at all!

After the meeting in Clovis, we flew East to be with Pastor John Allen at Landmark Baptist in Louisville, Kentucky, and to be part of the annual Bread of Life Camp Meeting at the Fellowship Tract League in Lebanon, Ohio. If you are not familiar with the ministry of the Fellowship Tract League, you should check it out. It is a ministry worthy of your support, as they send out millions of tracts, free of charge, to missionaries and churches all over the world.

After the Camp Meeting, we flew out West once again and had a good meeting at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Phoenix, Arizona. We always look forward to being with Pastor Terry Randolph and the people of Cornerstone Baptist.

We went from Phoenix up to Lewiston, Idaho and had a good weekend meeting at Lewis-Clark Valley Baptist Church. We even had the opportunity to shoot a few clay pigeons on Saturday afternoon. In my case, I shot quite a bit, but ended up shooting very few clay pigeons. I guess I need more practice.

We closed out the month of May with Sunday services at Maranatha Baptist Church in Madisonville, Kentucky.

My mother was able to fly in from Alaska and spend a few days with us the last week of May. It was a blessing to have her with us and she was excited to be able to spend some time with Hope. She seems to be more motivated to visit us since Hope was born. I'm not sure why that is.....but we're glad she was able to come.

Prayer Update

Thank you for praying for Liz's Mother. She went in for her first checkup after her cancer treatments and all is clear. Praise the Lord! She’ll have her next checkup in three months. Please continue to pray that God will keep her healthy. Most of you know that she also broke both of her feet while she was being treated for the cancer. You will be glad to hear that her feet are healing well and she is able to get around better all of the time. Thank you again for praying.

Upcoming Events

Check our web site for the dates of Bible Conferences around the country where we will be singing and preaching this Summer.

God bless you,

Mark Rogers

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