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December 2004 - February 2005

Dear Friends,

It seems that 2004 is barely past and now we are already moving into March! Time certainly does go by quickly.

We were blessed to spend time with our families in Washington and Alaska during the Christmas season. It was the first Christmas that the grandparents got to spoil Hope and she loved every minute of it!

Thank you for all of the kindness that you have expressed toward us in the last few months. As we opened all of the cards and packages, we were reminded once again of the people all over the country that pray for us on a regular basis.

Once again this year, we spent the first few weeks of January in Alaska. My Mother was able to travel with us to three of our meetings while we were there and she got in lots of quality "Grandma time".

We had a great meeting with Pastor Travis Watson at Manna Independent Baptist Church in Palmer before heading up to our home church in Fairbanks. The Lord gave us some -50 degree temperatures while we were there, but we survived just fine and enjoyed being "home" for a few days.

While we were in Fairbanks, the ladies of Bible Baptist had a baby shower for Hope and just loaded us down with gifts. What a blessing!

We ended our meetings in Alaska at Bible Baptist in Chugiak and then started the next week in Byrdstown Tennessee. Several folks have asked if having a baby has "slowed down" our travel. Well, we haven't slowed down yet! The Lord has blessed and we have been able to keep up our schedule as planned.

In February, we had meetings in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Maryland and Ohio. You can check out the web site for photos of our travels. Yes, there will be baby pictures!

As we begin 2005, I trust that you will pray with us that God will use us to be a help and blessing to churches across the country. I believe that our greatest need in America is revival. The answer to our problems, whether they be spiritual, political, social, or emotional is revival. Please pray with us that God will send revival.

Prayer Request

Liz's mother, Mrs. Dorothy Paisley, is doing well and by the time you read this letter she should be done with her chemotherapy treatments. Everything looks good at this point and we are expecting that she will remain cancer-free. God is good! She broke both her feet recently though and will require surgery as the one foot has a severe break. Thank you for continuing to pray.

Upcoming Events

For pastors on the western side of the country, or those willing to travel, there is a meeting that you should plan to attend. Pastor Rick DeMichele will be hosting a pastors school at Treasure Valley Baptist Church in Meridian, Idaho, August 23-25. For more information, contact Treasure Valley Baptist Church at 208-888-4545.

Cassette Closeout!

We are closing out our stock of cassette tapes and when they are gone we will only be carrying CDs. You can purchase cassettes (while they last) at $5.00 each, with special bulk pricing for bookstores.

God bless you,

Mark Rogers

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