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Ministry Update

April - May 2004

Dear Praying Friends,

Your prayers are having an impact on our lives every day. We are healthy, the Lord has shown Himself strong in our meetings, the van is running well and we are enjoying the blessings of God!

We have had a busy and productive Spring and traveled many miles preaching and singing the gospel. What a privilege to be able to serve the Lord.

The last week of March we had a revival meeting at Victory Baptist Church in Milton, FL. Pastor Fellure and the folks there at Victory are doing a great job reaching not only their community, but also the world, through the ministry of Victory Baptist Press. We had a great meeting there and enjoyed our stay in sunny Florida.

After we finished in Florida, we headed north again for meetings in Ohio the entire month of April. We started off with a revival meeting at First Baptist Church in Milford, and then went to Calvary Baptist in New Philadelphia, Dalton Baptist in Dalton and Sandy Valley Baptist Temple in Magnolia. We had good meetings in Ohio, with several people saved and many victories won in the lives of people.

May was one of those busy months with lots of driving. We started out in Amissville, VA, at Maranatha Baptist Church. Pastor Albert Paine is the pastor there and doing a great job. We stayed with the Rodgers family that week and really enjoyed their hospitality, but what would you expect from people with a name like that? :)

We spent Mother's Day at Victory Baptist Church in Coshocton, Ohio, and had a great service there before heading over to Lebanon, Ohio, for the Bread of Life Camp Meeting at Fellowship Baptist Church. Liz and I had the opportunity to not only enjoy good preaching, singing, fellowship and food, but we also were blessed to be able to help put together a load of tracts to send the Gospel around the world. What a privilege to be a small part of folks getting the Gospel in places we may never have the opportunity to go in person! If you have never been to the Fellowship Tract League, it would be well worth your time to go and see what the Lord is doing there.

When we finished in Lebanon we went over to Aliquippa, PA, to be with Pastor Ron Cunningham at Aliquippa Baptist Temple. We had good services that day and then got to head back to the house in Kentucky for a couple of days. What a blessing it was to be able to get a few things done around the house. It's always exciting when you get to sit in your own chair and sleep in your own bed! It doesn't happen often, but when it does, we sure enjoy it!

We finally got most of the things done that we wanted to accomplish — most of them, and then headed out for Fredericksburg, VA, to speak for the graduation service of the Christian School at Faith Baptist Church. It was exciting to see a group of young people preparing to go out and serve the Lord. We need to pray for our young people now more than ever. There has never been a time when the need is greater for godly young men and women to be an influence for Christ in this world.

After we were done in VA, we drove over to Sandusky, Ohio, to be with Pastor Richard Mick at Lighthouse Baptist Church. We had a good time with Bro. Mick and the folks there in Sandusky and saw God do some exciting things in the lives of the people that week. Liz took the opportunity to fly back to Pasco, WA, to spend a few days with her parents and to see some of her former students graduate from high school. While she was gone, Bro. Roman Gray came and joined me for a few days in Sandusky. It was good to see what the Lord is doing in his life and ministry since he has stepped out into full time evangelism.

The last meeting we had, was at Landmark Baptist Church in Sioux Falls, IA, with Pastor Drew Smith. The Lord opened up the opportunity to stop in and preach at Lighthouse Baptist on our way from Ohio to Alaska. I have known Bro. Smith for several years and it was a blessing to see how God is using him there in Sioux Falls. We had a great Sunday and then hit the road for Alaska. Liz has never been to Alaska in the summertime. It will be good for her to see that there really are a few months when the ground is no longer white!

There are a lot of exciting things going on, but one of the most exciting is that we are expecting our first baby in October. Praise the Lord! We were old single people, old married people and now we're going to be old parents. Wow! Please continue to pray for us, as there will now be a whole new set of challenges to face. God knows where we are and what we need. What could be better than that?

God bless you,

Mark Rogers

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