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July - September 2003

Dear Praying Friends,

Summer is now over and according to the calendar this week marks the seventh anniversary of this ministry.  People often ask, "Don't you get tired of being on the road all the time?"  The answer is, yes, sometimes we get physically tired, but we have no complaints. God has shown Himself strong in amazing ways over the last seven years and each week brings new and exciting blessings.  Seven years and a half million miles down and a whole lot more to go!

In the book of John chapter six, Jesus said some things that were hard to understand and many of those who were listening walked away, never to return.  Jesus then turned to His disciples and asked "Will ye also go away?" The answer given by Peter is a classic statement of purpose, "To whom shall we go?  Thou hast the words of eternal life."  There is no greater calling than to spread the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and we consider it a great privilege to be a small part of that work.

We would like to take some time to thank all of the folks who have been such a help and blessing to us as we traverse the country preaching the gospel.  There are many people "behind the scenes" that you may never have the opportunity to meet, but they are an indispensable part of our ministry.

First and foremost, we need to express our gratitude to our home church, Bible Baptist in Fairbanks, Alaska.  Without the support from the home front we would never be able to stay on the road. Pastor Doug Duffett and the people of Bible Baptist have been a tremendous source of support and encouragement as we go up and down the highway from church to church.  Thank you!

Two ladies at Bible Baptist who work particularly hard keeping things organized for us are Karen Karlen and Kathy Adams. They take care of many of the day-to-day tasks that need to be handled in the office like handling mail, CD and tape orders, putting together these update letters (with the help of our Christian school young people) and taking care of financial matters. Thank you!

A young man that has done so much to help us is Kris Hunt. Although he is from Fairbanks, he and his family now live in McKinney, Texas.  Kris does all of the work on our web site and designs all of our CD covers.  He has been a real blessing over the last seven years.  Thank you!

Another church that has gone above and beyond the call of duty is Faith Baptist Church in Franklin, Kentucky. We only spend 2-3 months of the year in Alaska and the rest of the time we are crisscrossing the "Lower 48." Three years ago, the Lord provided a house in Franklin, Kentucky, right next to Faith Baptist Church.  It would be difficult to express what a blessing it has been to have someplace to go back to from time to time.  It's hard to get back to Alaska if you only have a couple of days free.J Brother Pierce and the folks at Faith Baptist, watch over our house while we are on the road.  They mow the grass, check the mail, and take care of things for us.  Since we are on the road 52 weeks of the year, there are times when we only get to spend a couple days out of the month at the house. If it were not for the church there taking care of the property, we would never be able to have it.  Thank you!

We also need to thank each of the churches and pastors that have allowed us to come and minister.  It is a great honor to be allowed to stand in the pulpits of the greatest churches in America and preach the Word of God.  We do not take it lightly.  Thank you also for making Liz feel so welcome everywhere we have been over the last year.  Since we waited until we were "old people" to get married, there were a lot of adjustments to make, but Liz has been overwhelmed by your love and kindness. Thank you!

We have been all over the country since our last update letter, so you will want to go on the web site and check out the new pictures. You never know what might turn up there.

In July and August, we put on a lot of miles with meetings in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa and California. It was a blessing to be at King James Bible Baptist in Mt. Prospect, IL, for their annual camp meeting.  Pastor Huff is always a gracious host and we had a great week and a good time of fellowship with friends that we don't get to see often.

Our California trip was a real blessing.  We had a tremendous family conference in Clovis that ended with a family camp.  There were some real victories won that week.  Pastor Martens has been faithful there in Clovis for many years and God has truly blessed the ministry.  We also had the opportunity to be at Bible Baptist in Vallejo, Pine Street Baptist in Norwalk, Lighthouse Baptist in San Diego and Gethsemane Baptist in Long Beach.  The "left coast" has a lot of problems, but there are some great churches out there preaching the truth and reaching people for Christ.

September has brought us from Texas to Ohio, Kentucky, Colorado and Pennsylvania.  Just as God has done for the last seven years, He has blessed with souls saved, lives changed and Christians encouraged to serve God.

Thank you for every prayer, every gift, every note of encouragement.  It is much appreciated and does not go unnoticed.

God bless you,

Mark Rogers

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