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Ministry Update

February - April 2003

Dear Friends,

Spring is very slowly making it's way across the country and we are glad to see it happening!  It seems that we have run into snow storms everywhere we have been for the past few months and we are ready for some sunshine.

The first week of February, we held a revival meeting at Fellowship Baptist Church in Lebanon, OH.  Fellowship Baptist Church is the home of Fellowship Tract League.  It is amazing to see what God has done through the ministry there under the leadership of Dr. Wash Pennington.  We had the opportunity to spend some time working in the tract ministry while we were there.  What a blessing to be able to have a part in putting together tracts that are headed around the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In February, we were privileged to sing and preach for two very special banquets.  The annual Purity Banquet at Faith Baptist in Franklin, KY, and the Valentine Banquet at Lee's Summit Baptist Temple in Lee's Summit, MO.  Both of these were special evenings and we not only had good food and fun, but the Spirit of God was at work in hearts.

We also had the opportunity to go up to Traverse City, MI, to hold a revival meeting at Zion Baptist Church.  Pastor Bill Smith was a gracious host and we had a great meeting that week.  Bro. Smith took me ice fishing with him very early one morning.  We had some good fellowship, but no fish. Fortunately, the meetings went better than the fishing!

The Lord blessed our revival meeting in Harmony, Pennsylvania. Pastor Dave Smith has been a good friend in the ministry for several years and it is always a blessing to be there at First Bible Baptist Church.  We will be with them again June 9th & 10th for a couple days of their annual tent meeting.  If you are anywhere in the area, you should come over to Harmony for a good old-fashioned tent meeting.

After the meeting in Pennsylvania, we had three weeks of meetings in Kentucky. First, Beaver Dam, then Winchester and Lexington, before heading North again for three weeks in Ohio.  God really blessed in the mission conferences in Minford and the revival meetings in Crestline and Jackson.  Make sure you check out the pictures on the website.

As I write today, we are in a revival meeting in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  It is the second week of April and most of Sioux Falls is digging out of the snowstorm we had yesterday.  (Did I mention we're ready for some sunshine?) The Lord is blessing at Eastside Baptist Church.  Bro. Phil Spencer has been pastoring here for many years and God has used him to build a strong work.  What a blessing to know that no matter what the weather, God is able to work in lives!  In spite of the snow, we have had excellent attendance and have seen God work in  many lives already.

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers.  The Lord provided a new van at just the price we could afford.  It is a 1998 Ford Conversion (sorry Chevy guys J) with only 35,000 miles on it  The other van put in four and a half years of faithful service and is being retired with 230,000 miles on it. Please pray with us regarding a cargo trailer to tow behind the van.  God is good!

It seems that a lot has happened in the last few months, not only in our ministry, but also in world events.  We now find ourselves involved in a war on the other side of the world.  Let's not forget that our God is still in control!  We need to pray for our President, our military leaders and the troops, but let's keep in the forefront of our minds, the fact that Jesus is coming soon!  Let's do all we can to get the Gospel out to as many as we can, while we still have time.

God bless you,

Mark Rogers

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