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September - November 2002

Dear Praying Friends,

November is almost over! Thanksgiving Day is right around the corner and the Lord has been so good to us (as He always is) in the past couple of months. What a privilege to be able to look back and thank God for His blessings! Liz and I have been blessed with wonderful families and good friends all over the country. We experience the blessings of protection and provision every day, but without a doubt, the greatest blessing of all is to know Jesus Christ as Saviour. I can't explain why God would send His Son to die for my sin, but I am certainly thankful that He did! September found us in several meetings in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia. We were able to be at Landmark Independent Baptist Church in Louisville, KY, for a special "9/11" service. Pastor John Allen had put together a large youth choir to sing that night and we had a tremendous service with record attendance. Pastor and Mrs. Allen are doing a great job there at Landmark, and have been a real source of encouragement to us. The first Wednesday night in October, we were able to be with Pastor Dan Snow at New Life Baptist Church in Cumberland, Maryland. The Lord had just provided them a new building and they are excited about the future. This is a young church and I believe God is going to do great things through the ministry there.

From Maryland, we headed out to Temple, Texas, for a revival meeting at Faith Baptist Church. Pastor Mike Lewis has been faithful there for many years and is still doing a great job. He and his wife became grandparents while we were there. Congratulations! After the meeting in Texas, we made our way back to Virginia and had a tremendous meeting at Heritage Baptist Church in Woodbridge. We were right in the middle of the area being plagued by the "sniper murders," but we had wonderful attendance every night and good response from the people, with several folks saved. The Lord also blessed by having the snipers apprehended by police later in the week. Praise the Lord! We spent the next week in Petersburg, Virginia, at Landmark Baptist Church, and had a good week there before heading down to Florida to be with Pastor John Slater in Crawfordville. Some months we cover a lot of miles and November was no exception. From Florida we went back up north to Ohio where we had great meetings at Bible Baptist Church in Ashtabula and Massillon Baptist Temple in Massillon. We are going to have the opportunity to spend our first Thanksgiving Day together at our house in Kentucky. The Lord has blessed us far more than we could ever imagine. I trust that as the holiday season arrives, you will be enjoying the blessings of God as well.

God bless you,

Mark Rogers

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