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Ministry Update

July - August 2001

Dear Friends,

The Lord is certainly Good!  It has been a hot summer, but the Lord has blessed the meetings around the country.  I was able to be in tent meetings for four weeks in a row in Alaska, Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, and we were able to see God work greatly in lives. Several folks trusted Christ and many made important decisions. What a privilege to serve God!

The annual Manna Baptist tent meeting in Palmer, Alaska, was one of the best we have ever had.  We were able to go to the prison work farm one afternoon for a service.  So often we give up on people in those kind of situations, but praise the Lord, He never gives up!  We had the opportunity to lead a young man to the Lord who had just entered the facility that day.  What a blessing.

My mother was able to come to the meeting in Palmer for several days.  She is doing well, and we had a great time together that week.

The last of the tent meetings was a combined teen camp/revival meeting at Living Word Baptist Church in Sweet Valley, Pennsylvania.  We had services with the teens in the morning and then revival services in the evening.  The weather was very hot and humid, but the people braved the conditions and came out to the meeting.

Since it was also camp, we had a bonfire after the services on Thursday and Friday.  What a blessing to hear the testimonies of what God was doing in the hearts of the young people that week!  They also learned a valuable lesson about how NOT to start a bonfire!  You can see the results of that project on the web site.  I was able to capture on film the whole thing.  Just remember, gasoline is a BAD idea!

The week in Sweet Valley was also Bro. Roman Gray's last week with me.  He is now in Pasco, Washington, immersing himself in the Spanish Ministry of Riverview Baptist Church in preparation for serving the Lord among Spanish speaking people.  Please pray for him as he works with the people there in Pasco.  Bro. Gray has been a real blessing over the last several months, so it will be exciting to see how the Lord is able to use him in this new ministry.

I was able to be with Pastor Don Davis at Hilltop Baptist in Hunker, Pennsylvania for the first time in July.  He has only been at the church for a short time, but he is doing a great job there, and the people are excited about how God is working.

The first week of August, I was able to be at King James Bible Baptist Church in Mt. Prospect, Illinois, for their annual camp meeting.  Pastor Huff and the folks there certainly put on a great meeting.  It was my first time at this meeting but it was great.  What a wonderful opportunity to meet some new friends and hear some great men of God preach.  It was an encouraging and challenging week.

After leaving Mt. Prospect, I headed down to Louisville, Kentucky to be at Landmark Independent Baptist Church.  Bro. John Allen is the Pastor and is doing a tremendous job there.

As I am writing this morning, I am preparing for meetings in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and California all in the next four weeks.

Thank you for praying for God to work in the services. The schedule is busy and sometimes can be very tiring, but I believe those of you who pray, are responsible for keeping me on the road. Keep on praying!

Make sure you check out the web site for new photos and an updated schedule.

God bless you,

Mark Rogers

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