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Ministry Update

April - June 2001

Dear Friends,

This Spring has been a busy one, but a very profitable one. We have had some great meetings around the country and have been privileged to see God work in many hearts and lives.

We had a good meeting beginning Easter Sunday with Pastor Mike Reid and the folks at Temple Baptist Church in Fredericksburg, Virginia. We had Sunday morning services under a big tent and were blessed with ideal conditions for a tent service and had an excellent number of visitors. For the rest of the services, we moved into the church building and had a great time.

The next week we went over to Washington, Virginia to be with Bro. John Burke at Gid Brown Bible Baptist Church. Brother Burke has been faithful there for many years and has a good group of people who love the Lord, and they are busily spreading the Gospel in that area.

After finishing in Virginia, we had several weeks of meetings throughout Ohio. It is always encouraging to go to places you've never been and see what the Lord is doing. There are a lot of good men who are faithfully preaching the Gospel and building solid churches around the country.

One of the places we went for the first time this year was Grace Baptist Church in Oak Harbor, Ohio. Brother Rick Bickelhaupt is the pastor there and is doing a great job. Due to a minor health problem I was unable to preach on Sunday morning that week, but the Lord blessed with a great meeting beginning Sunday night. We had a good number of visitors each service and on Monday night had an elderly lady, who had never come to church before, trust Christ as Saviour. The Lord is good!

The third week of May, I was able to spend several days at my house in Kentucky and get some things done to the house and around the yard. Brother Keith Troyer and Brother Fred Flowers, both pastors from Greenville, Pennsylvania, came down and spent a couple of days helping with projects. We got the fence repaired, (someone drove through it with a truck) put a new driveway in, and put up trim around the ceiling and floor. What a blessing to have those men come and help. We got more done in two days than I could have gotten done in a week! Thank you Bro. Troyer and Bro. Flowers for being willing to drive all that way to be a blessing. It is greatly appreciated.

The first week of June, I was able to be at Community Baptist Church in Chantilly, Virginia. Pastor Mike Aylestock has been serving the Lord there for six years and has seen God do some great things. They are planning a new building and are excited about what the future holds for them.

While I was there in Chantilly, Brother Aylestock took me into Washington D.C. to visit the Holocaust Museum. It was quite a moving experience, as we were able to listen to a lady who had survived the Auschwitz concentration camp give a first-hand account of her experiences. It is hard to imagine the atrocities that were committed, until you remember that the Bible says that all men are sinners and separated from God. Sin is the problem. There is only one thing that can cleanse someone from sin and that is the blood of Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord for His mercy!

Special Events

For those of you in Alaska, you won't want to miss the annual tent meeting at Manna Independent Baptist Church in Palmer. We will be there June 24 - July 1, and we are trusting the Lord to do some great things that week. Dr. Phil Kidd will be with us all week and Bro. Roman Gray will be leading the singing and playing his banjo a little. We'll see you there!

New Recording

The newest recording "Songs To Remember" is now available on both CD and cassette. It contains 20 songs, and I believe it will be a blessing to you. It can be ordered from my home church by phone, fax, e-mail or by printing out an order form from my web site There are samples of several of the songs posted on the web site, as well as a complete list of the titles. If your church has a bookstore, please call for special pricing.

God bless you,

Mark Rogers

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