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November - December 2000

Dear Friends,

The old year finished with a flurry of activity and the new one is off to a rapid start already.

December was a very busy month that started out with a meeting in Ashton, Idaho. I had never been in that part of the state before, but Bro. Brian Tousley and his family are doing a great job there at Berean Baptist Church.

It was good to be back at Heritage Baptist in Woodbridge, Virginia, and Riverdale Baptist in Riverdale, New Jersey. After those meetings, I flew back to Alaska to be at my home church for my Pastor's 25th anniversary. We had a three-day surprise celebration in honor of Pastor and Mrs. Duffett's faithfulness over the past 25 years. It was great to be able to be a part of the festivities there and honor my Pastor.

After the anniversary meeting, I flew back out East and sang and preached for the annual Christmas banquet and services at Gid Brown Bible Baptist Church in Washington, Virginia. The ladies there sure know how to put out a feast! Then it was back to Alaska.

I took a week off at Christmas and spent some time resting and enjoying Christmas with my family. What a blessing to be able to go home for Christmas! After a few days off, I was ready to preach New Years Eve at my home church and then get back on the road.

This week I am in the Eskimo village of Selawik, Alaska, up above the Arctic Circle. Warren and Gayle Compton are missionaries from my home church who have lived out here in the village for the past four years. Mission work in the villages is hard and the results are sometimes slow in coming, but they have been faithful and God always blesses faithfulness. Even in a remote place like Selawik, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is still "the power of God unto salvation" and we have seen it at work here. Last night a man who had been at the services all week came forward and got saved -- Praise the Lord!

Next week I will be flying back "outside" (that's an Alaskan term that means "anywhere but Alaska") for meetings in Ohio and Pennsylvania, and from there I will be all over the country for the rest of the year. My itinerary is posted on my web site so that you can keep track of where I am going to be. (

Starting January 21st I will have a young man traveling with me to help out in the ministry. His name is Roman Gray. He is a graduate of Massillon Baptist College and is also from Fairbanks, Alaska, where he was on staff at my home church working with music, teaching in the school and getting a degree in accounting. Bro. Gray will be helping me make sense of the financial aspects of the ministry, as well as helping with the driving and various other jobs. I believe he will be a real asset to the ministry and a blessing to the churches.

Many of you have asked about getting more Scripture Songs. I have been able to finish a new tape that contains 26 Scripture Songs. On side one I sing through each song several times and on side two is just the piano accompaniment for each of the songs -- that way you can use it to sing the songs at home, in the car or in a Sunday school class. You can order copies of the new Scripture Song tape for $4.00 each.

You can check out the web site for some pictures of Selawik, miscellaneous photos from the last couple of months and samples of the new Scripture Song tape.

I trust that 2001 will be a year of great blessing for you, your families and your ministries.

God bless you,

Mark Rogers

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